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Leiurus Quinquestriatus



Jan 1, 70

Scorpion Preparation

The scorpion is been held with special metal handles that do not cause harm to it. Those are connected to an electrical device that gives pulses of a weak electric current that does not harm the scorpion, but rather stimulates it to produce poison.

Jan 1, 70
Jan 1, 70

Scorpion Milking

A series of regular currents applied to shock the scorpion until the venom was ejected. This process is repeated 4-5 times each scorpion. The amount of the venom from each scorpion equivalent to 0.0005 ml. At this stage, the venom is collected in cooled containers from below to preserve it until milking ends.

Jan 1, 70
Jan 1, 70

Collection and Storage

After the milking process ends, the liquid venom is placed in dedicated tubes. These tubes are placed in the cooling devices and become ready for transport to the lab to be converted into powder at the request of the client.

Jan 1, 70
Jan 1, 70


In the lab, specialists convert the liquid venom into powder using modern equipment. The purity of the venom is determined according to the client’s desire at this stage. An official document is also issued that specifies the purity of the poison and the rates of the substances included in its composition.

Jan 1, 70
Jan 1, 70


The dried poison is placed in special refrigerated containers until shipping documents are completed. Then it is shipped to the customer with an official export order approved by the Egyptian government.

Here is a certified sample from ANDI.

ANDI: African Network for Drugs and Diagnostics Innovation.

Jan 1, 70

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Welcome To  EGYPT VENO

We are an Egyption "Special Limited Partnership" company.
Our main product is venom of Leiurus quinquestriatus.
Commercial register: 9023
Address: Al Hay Al Asher 917
10th of Ramadan City
Arab Republic of Egypt

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